Who am I?

Hello, I’m Tom, and my musical journey began in mid-2017. I was born in 2001. My love for video games has been a constant in my life, dating back to a time before smartphones existed. I vividly remember experimenting with music and beats on an ancient Nokia phone with rudimentary music production capabilities. While the options were limited back then, it laid the foundation for my passion.

As for formal music education, I’ve never taken traditional music classes. I briefly enrolled in a music school but encountered reasons to withdraw on the first day. This prompted me to embark on a self-guided musical journey.

The world of video games has always held a special allure for me. The sheer creativity it offers—especially in shaping the ambiance and emotions within a game—fascinates me. A glimpse at a game’s scenery or a level’s sketch instantly sets the tone, and the right music can elevate that experience. I’ve chosen the freelance path, allowing me to work with a variety of individuals and teams, without being bound to one single contract or project.

If you’re curious about my work, check out the Projects tab for examples of my music. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me and my musical journey.

Tom ~ T0meo



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